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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about your gins?

At Twelve and a Half Acres we hold true to the London Dry process for our Gins. We use premium grape based neutral spirit from South Australia. Only natural, and mainly organic, botanicals are added to flavour and sweeten the gin during the distillation process. Only pure filtered rainwater is added post distillation and no sweetener, or any additive is added. Read our blog about London Dry gin to learn more about the process we use and standards we adhere to.

What cocktails can I make with your gins?

We truly think the amount of cocktails you can make with our gin is only limited to your imagination and creativity.

What makes your gin different from others on the market?

What sets this gin apart from others on the market is its adherence to tradition. It's crafted using traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients available, including a premium grape-based spirit. This choice results in a clean, soft mouthfeel, which distinguishes it from gins made with grain-based spirits - think whisky. The gin does not contain any additional colouring, sweeteners, or flavourings, ensuring authenticity. It isn't modified post-distillation; it remains true to the London Dry process, embodying the pure product that emerges from the still.

How do you ensure the quality of your gins?

Firstly, we chose the finest ingredients – that’s essential. How can you produce high-end quality spirit using cheap inferior ingredients – the simple answer is you can’t. When distilling I make sure that only the premium flavours are collected during what is called the cuts of the distillation process. This ensures that the harsh flavours of the initial alcohol vapours to distil are not included in any of the Twelve and a Half Acre gins – in industry terms I cut deep making sure that only the spirit that makes the best drink is collected. From a process perspective we also use top industry standard equipment and have had my spirit professionally laboratory tested to absolutely confirm you are drinking the best possible spirit.

Do you provide delivery services for your products?

Yes, we offer various delivery options for our products. Firstly, we provide a free local delivery service for purchases made within a 15km radius of Montville, with deliveries taking place every Friday. Secondly, we cater to online orders across Australia via Australia Post, with either standard or express delivery options available. The associated delivery charges will be calculated and displayed at checkout when you purchase the products online. Additionally, we offer free delivery for orders with a value of over $150.

Are your gins suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

All our gins are gluten free – a fact laboratory tested. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free, but not alcohol free. You’re welcome!

How can I stay updated about new releases and events?

We can keep you updated by subscribing to our e-mail list on the website.

What is the alcohol content of your gins?

Firstly, gin has a minimum bottling strength of 37.5% ABV. A full-strength gin is considered to be 40% ABV, and one standard drink is 30ml of a 40%ABV spirit. When we conducted extensive research and development, we found that 40%ABV maintained a full flavour spirit and, being conscious of drinking wisely, enabled a standard drink to pour to be achieved. We have produced a true Navy Strength gin of 57% ABV as well, keeping true to traditions is also a core pillar of Twelve and a Half Acres. And to the Navy!

How are your gins produced?

Our gins are produced using the traditional London Dry process in ‘Gladys’ a commercial stainless steel six-plate column still that enables highly rectified – in simple terms that means purified – spirit to be produced. Only natural ingredients are used with no additions to the spirit after distillation. We use filtered rainwater and generate our own electricity as well to be as ecologically sustainable as possible.

How should I store your gins after opening?

Consider storing your opened gins in the freezer. This strategy minimises their contact with air, light, and heat – all factors that can influence the flavour profile of a spirit over time. Additionally, a chilled spirit can alleviate the initial intense alcohol impact when poured, while also serving to cool the drink. Storing your bottles in a dark, dry environment could further help reduce any potential flavour changes. Keep in mind that, thanks to its alcohol content, your gin will not go bad, regardless of where it's stored.

Are there plans to introduce new flavours in the future?

Our intention is to keep the flavour development going with new releases happening periodically. If you have any burning ideas for flavours that you would like in a gin for a special occasion perhaps, please talk to Andrew(Andy) – he’s all about making the Twelve and a Half Acres experience inclusive.

What is the shelf life of your gins once opened?

At Twelve and a Half Acres we generally recommended to enjoy a bottle of gin within a year of opening it. However, if the bottle remains unopened, you can savour those delicate flavours for many years to come and unlike wine it won’t change with age. Read our blog on ‘Does Gin Go Off’ for more information.

Do you offer tours or tastings at your distillery?

Whilst we do not have a cellar door give Andrew a call or email to arrange a visit – alternatively come to the markets and events to taste Twelve and a Half Acres products.