Does Gin Go Off and How to Keep it Fresh?

Does Gin Go Off and How to Keep it Fresh?

So, once I’ve opened my Twelve and a Half Acres gin how quickly do I need to drink it? Will it go off? What will happen to the flavour? All questions I used to have as well so let me share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, the alcohol content in gin acts as a natural preservative, so it won’t go off. However, once you open the stopper, the spirit will interact with air and the flavour profile of the gin will start to change due to oxidation. It is generally recommended that you enjoy a bottle of gin within a year of opening it. If the bottle remains unopened, you can savour those delicate flavours for many years to come and unlike wine it won’t change with age.

If you keep your gin in the fridge or freezer – don’t worry, it won’t freeze due to the alcohol content but it will limit contact with air, light and heat, and in turn minimise any flavour changes. I personally keep my opened gins in the freezer as it also mellows out the initial intensity of alcohol, whilst also assisting to chill the drink. Don’t worry keeping your Twelve and a Half Acres gin chilled won’t compromise any of the flavours, remember though that putting ice in your drink will dilute them as the ice melts. So stirred and not shaken – although I do like my martini shaken true Bond style!

At Twelve and a Half Acres we have used a synthetic stopper for a reason – to take away any possibility of ‘cork taint’. This is where the cork taints the spirit with a mouldy, cardboard like aroma. If you do have spirit bottles with cork stoppers, make sure you store them upright to reduce the risk of cork taint.

So in summary I would recommend:

  • Keeping your gin opened gin in a fridge or freezer.
  • Ideally drink it within a year.
  • Store cork bottles upright.
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